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Identify emerging technologies in a few clicks.

The analysis graphs give you exclusive information on the maturity of a technology.

Femme détéction des tendances technologique

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Stay ahead of future innovations by identifying emerging technologies with a few clicks. With our data analysis tools for scientific articles, you can obtain exclusive information in all scientific fields and anticipate technological trends.

Anticipate the technological developments of tomorrow.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

Detect the innovative character of a technology.

Compare the technologies with each other.

Trends & Mappings Based on Scientific Publication Flows

Discover real-time scientific and technological trends and explore maps based on scientific publication flows with our Trends & Mappings feature.

Instant Trend Analysis

Optimization of Research Strategy

Customize Your Dashboards

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Opscidia’s technologies facilitate your scientific monitoring work thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Features to deepen your scientific monitoring.


Writing of scientific reports.

With a few clicks, you can generate a summary of several scientific articles.

Outil de veille technologique, outil report


Detect relationships between concepts

To explore a topic in the scientific literature, our mappings tool generates for you a map of concepts by semantic matching.

CA mappings


Collaborate on monitoring projects.

The Opscidia platform allows you to work in teams on scientific monitoring projects

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