The power of AI to explore scientific literature !

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Create engagement in your scientific monitoring processes

Our easy-to-use platform is ideal for teams who want to collaborate better. It will allow them to easily share the watch and work together more efficiently.

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The guarantee of being up to date on all scientific and technological advances

The Opscidia platform is designed for professionals who want to stay on top of the newest scientific and technological developments. It allows you to control the flow of information in your domain so that you do not miss any important information.

Femme détéction des tendances technologique

Spend more time on the steps that really need your expertise

The Opscidia platform is an AI-accelerated intelligence solution. It allows professionals to save time by automating and optimising their monitoring processes.


Our solutions support you in all your technology monitoring processes !

Vietch X Opscidia

Science Checker

check the veracity of a scientific consensus

OpenAir X Opscidia

Ontology generator

To help detect and visualize the most important concepts in their corpus.

Commission Européen X Opscidia

Weak signals detector

predicts the most promising research areas in scientific publications.

INRAE X Opscidia

Biology explorer

detection of microorganisms living in the same environment.

Customise our tools to meet your specific needs. ​

Find out how we help our clients find solutions for all their technology intelligence problems using artificial intelligence.

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The software developed by Opscidia is a real revolution: for the first time, we are able to detect the real weak signals that could be the winning technologies in the near future.

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