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Putting AI to work for science !

Opscidia revolutionizes access

to scientific information

With a scientific hub based on

the latest AI technologies


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What is Opscidia?

Opscidia is a revolutionary platform for scientific and technological watch powered by artificial intelligence.


AI-Powered Search Engine

Summary Generator

Analysis of Scientific Ecosystems

Measurement of Technological Trends

Alerts & RSS Feeds

Team Collaboration


Accelerate your research with AI

Summarize with a click

Boost your competitive advantage

Stay updated in real-time on news in your field

Centralize all scientific information

Create engagement

Use Cases

Innovation and Product Development

State-of-the-Art Generation

Finding R&D Partners

Informed Decision-Making

Monitoring Intellectual Property on Patents

Technological & Scientific Watch

Bibliographic Research with Opscidia :


Discover scientific and technological trends in real-time and explore maps based on scientific publication flows with our Trends & Mappings feature.

To analyze and synthesize your bibliographic research, Opscidia allows you to:

  • Instantly analyze technological trends.
  • Create dashboards to analyze scientific publication flows.
  • Generate mappings to analyze the semantic aspects of scientific themes.
  • Generate summaries of scientific articles with AI.
  • Summarize one or more scientific articles with AI.


For scientific analysis and synthesis, Opscidia utilizes the latest AI technologies to provide you with exclusive information in record time.


To analyze and synthesize your bibliographic research, Opscidia allows you to:



  • Instantly analyze technological trends
  • Create dashboards for analyzing a scientific ecosystem
  • Generate mappings for semantic analysis of scientific concepts


  • Generate scientific article summaries with AI
  • Summarize one or more scientific articles with AI


Don’t dilute information through email or on a communication channel anymore. Centralize all scientific information on Opscidia and share it within a single collaborative platform.


To facilitate the use and sharing of information, Opscidia allows:


  • Import/Export of data
  • Collaborative monitoring projects
  • Interactions (Likes/Comments)
  • Integration with Zotero

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Questions / Answers

How does Opscidia integrate AI to optimize bibliographic research?

At every stage of bibliographic research, Opscidia incorporates AI to optimize time-consuming steps such as:


Finding relevant scientific publications: Our search engine employs AI to sort search results and recommend the most impactful articles.


Writing a scientific summary: Thanks to generative AI, Opscidia synthesizes multiple scientific articles with a single click.


Trend & Mapping: AI scans scientific literature to create graphs and mappings that illustrate key data.

Who are Opscidia's products and services for?

Opscidia is designed for all R&D professionals who want to optimize their bibliographic research and synthesis work with the help of AI.

Can we test the Opscidia App ?

Of course you can! Book a Demo 🙂

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The software developed by Opscidia is a real revolution: for the first time, we are able to detect the real weak signals that could be the winning technologies in the near future.

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