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A science and technology information hub

A unique platform to manage, share and exploit all your scientific information.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

Using the latest AI technology

Opscidia’s technologies are focused on scientific corpora. The machine learning engineers have developed numerous information extraction tools in-house.

For all innovation actors

The platform is targeted for R&D teams, techno-scouts, watchdogs, scientific writers, consultants, knowledge managers, documentalists, etc.

Homme pour moteur de recherche scientifique

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Our platform finds connections between concepts.

To help you go further in your scientific thinking… 

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Our platform assists you in writing scientific reports.

Artificial intelligence selects the most relevant parts of scientific articles to make detailed reports of several scientific articles.

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Our platform evaluates technology trends.

To offer you relevant, reusable and useful information. Opscidia’s artificial intelligence analyses for you.

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An intelligent search engine

Artificial intelligence selects the most relevant articles.

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European Commission

“The software developed by Opscidia is a real revolution: for the first time, we are able to detect the real weak signals that could be the winning technologies in the near future.”

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“A simple tool for semi-automatic domain-specific ontology creation has been built. It can be used as a first brick for other artificial intelligence tools, or as a classification tree for documents, or as a tool for exploring a scientific domain to solve problems that researchers, innovation professionals or librarians are facing.”

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“The current context of the Covid pandemic19 has made the need to address the crisis in scientific information even more serious.”

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