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Find high impact scientific publications in your field of research in one click.

ImpactSearch allows you to quickly identify a list of scientific articles that are both relevant and well-cited in the literature. This guarantees that you will be able to target quality scientific information in just one click!

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Stay informed in real time! Receive alerts on the latest publications in your field.

You won’t have to spend hours searching for the latest information, our watch tool takes care of everything. By using our tool, you can be sure not to miss anything and stay on top of your field of expertise.

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Quickly generate scientific summaries in a few clicks!

Save time on all the time-consuming steps of the monitoring and state-of-the-art writing process. Increase the productivity of your employees by integrating artificial intelligence into your monitoring process!

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Easily identify the most promising concepts.

Opscidia allows you to detect new scientific relationships to better master the subjects you are looking for.

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Identify emerging technologies in a few clicks.

Stay ahead of future innovations by identifying emerging technologies with a few clicks. With our data analysis tools for scientific articles, you can obtain exclusive information in all scientific fields and anticipate technological trends.

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Engage your R&D teams in technology and scientific intelligence activities.

The Opscidia platform enables teams to work together more effectively. It provides a simple and interactive interface for tracking and sharing the latest scientific information, increasing productivity and boosting team spirit.

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European Commission

“The software developed by Opscidia is a real revolution: for the first time, we are able to detect the real weak signals that could be the winning technologies in the near future.”

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“A simple tool for semi-automatic domain-specific ontology creation has been built. It can be used as a first brick for other artificial intelligence tools, or as a classification tree for documents, or as a tool for exploring a scientific domain to solve problems that researchers, innovation professionals or librarians are facing.”

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“The current context of the Covid pandemic19 has made the need to address the crisis in scientific information even more serious.”

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What is science and technology watch software?

Science and technology watch software is a tool for real-time watch of data and information related to specific domains of science and technology. It allows users to collect, sort, analyse and visualise data from various sources, such as scientific articles, patents and databases.


This watch tool helps companies stay informed about the latest trends and technological developments in their industry. By using science and technology watch software, companies can identify innovative opportunities, monitor their research area, detect risks and anticipate changes in their field.


For effective science and technology monitoring, it is important to choose a solution that offers advanced features. These include semantic analysis, automatic text generation, real-time data collection and visualization of results in the form of customized graphs and dashboards.


In conclusion, science, and technology monitoring software is an essential tool for companies wishing to carry out R&D. It allows them to monitor in real time the progress of their projects and to identify and respond to potential problems. It allows them to monitor technological and scientific developments in real time, anticipate trends and make informed decisions. If you are looking for an efficient watch tool, do not hesitate to contact Opscidia to learn more about our solution.