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Opscidia helps any professional confronted with scientific articles to analyse and extract relevant information using artificial intelligence that automatically analyses and processes scientific texts.


Creation: September 2019

Founders: Sylvain Massip – Charles Letaillieur

Office: Telecom Incubator Paris

Team: 9 talents

Scientific Articles: 3

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Sylvain Massip
Sylvain CEO

Sylvain holds a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University and has ten years experience in the science and industry sector. As an R&D manager in a start-up company, he has had the opportunity to work with several academic laboratories in a wide range of fields. Passionate about research, he is convinced that scientific communication can be improved, for the benefit of researchers and beyond.

Our history

Sylvains and Charles have known each other since their preparatory classes at engineering school. These two friends share the same values, and yet their knowledge is very different and varied.

2018: they set themselves the challenge of solving problems of access to scientific information using technologies based on artificial intelligence.

They both decided to develop an artificial intelligence-based tool capable of navigating open scientific literature and extracting the most relevant information.

2019: Charles and Sylvain took the crazy decision to put their professional lives on hold to devote themselves to Opscidia. The covid crisis was an opportunity for them to recall the vital importance of developing scientific and technological monitoring tools.


Our vision


Initially, the objective was to create a free hosting platform for open access scientific publications, with the aim of supporting the community in favor of open science.


But we quickly realized that it lacked essential elements: a repository of information and a method to find this information. Thus was born our scientific and technological monitoring software.


Opscidia uses artificial intelligence to use databases of scientific articles in order to support R&D and innovation within private companies.


Today, our solutions are used by large groups, consulting companies, publishers, public institutions and higher education establishments in France and abroad.

Our team

Fréjus Laleye
Fréjus Laleye - CTO

Fréjus holds a master’s degree in computer engineering. He then pursued his research by preparing a doctorate in computer science, then became a researcher at the artificial intelligence laboratory for vision and language at CEAtech in Saclay.

Today, he is in charge of the NLP part. He applies his knowledge and expertise to Opscidia’s projects and products

Assia Asrir - R&D Project Manager

Assia ASRIR is a PhD in Life Sciences and more precisely in immuno-oncology.

Assia ASRIR is a PhD in Life Sciences and more precisely in immuno-oncology. She has worked at inserm, cnrs and the oncopole of Toulouse on fundamental, translational and clinical research topics.

She is the R&D project manager in the team. Thanks to her expertise, she brings a whole new dimension to the team’s projects.

Loic Rakotoson
Loïc Rakotoson - ML Engineer

Loïc is the valedictorian of his class and holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics and statistics from the University of Rennes II.

He is already an experienced IT developer who has created and continues to maintain various projects such as jobtimize.

He joined Opscidia in May 2020. He is now responsible for several data analysis and the application of AI.

Oumaima Garai - Full-stack developer

Oumayma Garai is a student in computer engineering, she is doing a 6 month internship as a front-end developer. She will support the front-end development of our technology watch software.

image de Frederico Scozzi
Federico Scozzi - Data engineer

Fédérico has a PhD in hadronic physics, which he completed under the joint supervision of Paris Saclay and TU Darmstadt.

He then did 2 postdocs in experimental physics followed by a very advanced training in Big DATA.

At Opscidia, Federico will help us provide our clients with the most relevant references/items from the best warehouses in the world!

Wahid Hibot - Full-stack developer

Wahid is a frontend developer, he is preparing a master 2 in computer science and project management at INRIS.

He is in charge of the frontend management of all Opscidia tools. He knows how to integrate HTML and CSS,
programming in JavaScript and PHP, database design in SQL.

His knowledge makes him a major asset for the evolution of Opscidia.

Roxane Depauw - VP Marketing Growth

Roxane, VP marketin growth.

She holds a Master 2 in Digital Marketing from INSEEC. She has a wide range of experience in France and abroad in a variety of sectors.

She is the driving force behind our marketing and sales development.