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Engage your R&D teams in technology and scientific intelligence activities.

Your collaborative scientific monitoring platform to share your research, your articles, your state of the art...

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The Opscidia platform enables teams to work together more effectively. It provides a simple and interactive interface for tracking and sharing the latest scientific information, increasing productivity and boosting team spirit.

Share your scientific intelligence.

Créez des rapports scientifiques.

Examine the content of scientific articles at a glance.

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Collaborate as a team on technology watch.

Scientific monitoring is an essential step in innovation projects. 

Centralising all the stages of your monitoring on a single tool is the solution for an organised monitoring and an efficient sharing of information.

Follow the latest publications related to your research projects!

To be effective in your technology watch, it is important to follow topics of interest. But this can be tedious.

That’s why our technology monitoring tool offers an alert feature that allows you to track scientific topics of your choice and receive real-time notifications.

With our alert feature, you can set up alerts for specific keywords or areas of interest. As soon as a new article is published on these topics, you will receive a notification on your email or on our application

Like, comment and share scientific articles!

Our monitoring tool includes social features to allow you to like and comment on the articles you post in your projects.

This allows you to engage team members involved in a project and share relevant information with them. This can improve communication within the team, facilitate decision-making and speed up project completion.

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Dashboards to monitor and share your watch.

With different visualisations, you can create several dashboards containing your bibliographic searches, article lists and scientific reports.

Learn more about collaborative intelligence with Opscidia.

Opscidia’s technologies facilitate your scientific monitoring work thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Tools to deepen your collaborative monitoring


Detect relationships between concepts

To explore a topic in the scientific literature, our mappings tool generates for you a map of concepts by semantic matching.

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Search Engine

Search for scientific information.

To build a useful bibliography, the Opscidia search engine suggests the most relevant articles.

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Writing of scientific reports.

With a few clicks, you can generate a summary of several scientific articles.

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