Consulting Firm : A technology watch tool to help you generate state of the art reports.

Opscidia offers a specialized monitoring tool capable of bringing you information specific to all innovative sectors. 

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Excellent experience with Opscidia: the platform helps us to fully exploit the scientific literature databases and collaborate with colleagues ! 

Nour Merouane

Consulting Manager at Elyas Conseil

 A specific watch, adapted to the uses of consultancy firms !

Technology watch for consulting firms has its own uses and tools.

Opscidia allows you to gather all your technology watch tools in a scientific hub.

The Opscidia platform gathers several functionalities to enrich and share your scientific watch.

Opscidia for consulting firms

Process optimisation

With the Opscidia platform, create monitoring projects, share your monitoring by sector, detect technological trends, generate scientific monitoring reports…

technological intelligence tools for R&D

A range of features

Opscidia designs features based on the latest AI technologies. This approach aims to optimise the time spent on technology monitoring and to bring the best data to our users.

A database of scientific articles.

To bring you the right information at the right time, Opscidia relies on quality data sources.

How can Opscidia optimise intelligence for consulting firms?

Report assistant
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Report assistant

Scientific reports : Artificial intelligence helps you write state of the art reports.

On the Opscida monitoring platform, you can generate reports of several scientific articles in a few clicks.

Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies, you no longer need to search and detect the most relevant parts of scientific articles, Opscidia does it for you!

Opscidia’s technologies aim at facilitating the work of scientific monitoring thanks to artificial intelligence.

Boost your innovations with strategic intelligence.

With the Opscidia tool, you can stay informed about research in different fields to boost your innovations.

Measure technological trends to anticipate your strategic decisions.

Build a database for writing scientific reports.

Share your research and syntheses within your organisation to accelerate your scientific monitoring

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Dashboards to monitor and share your watch.

With different visualisations, you can create several dashboards containing your bibliographic searches, article lists and scientific reports.

Our search engine has over 120 million scientific articles

Working in a consulting firm requires keeping up to date with the latest developments in a sector or position.

The Opscidia platform guarantees you a state-of-the-art technology watch thanks to a database of more than 120 million scientific articles updated daily.

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Essential monitoring tools for consultancies.


Writing of scientific reports.

With a few clicks, you can generate a summary of several scientific articles.

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Collaborate on monitoring projects.

The Opscidia platform allows you to work in teams on scientific monitoring projects

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Search Engine

Search for scientific information.

To build a useful bibliography, the Opscidia search engine suggests the most relevant articles.

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User testimonials of the Opscidia SAAS platform.

Why do the watch industry specialists recommend Opscidia?

Opsicidia is in full development.

Indeed, more and more players in the field of technology watch are using our tool and see a real added value in it.

Assia Asrir 

R&D Project Manager

technological intelligence tools for R&D

To save time on the most tedious tasks.

Artificial intelligence is a solution for optimising working time for all sectors of activity, and R&D is now one of them.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

To have access to relevant and quality information.

Artificial intelligence works on over 120 million scientific articles.

Learn more about the Opscidia monitoring platform.

Opscidia’s technologies facilitate your scientific monitoring work thanks to artificial intelligence.