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Quickly generate scientific summaries in a few clicks!

Generate state of the art reports in a few clicks with our AI-powered platform.


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Save time on all the time-consuming steps of the monitoring and state-of-the-art writing process. Increase the productivity of your employees by integrating artificial intelligence into your monitoring process !

Examine the content of scientific articles quickly.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

A database of over 120 million scientific articles.

Share your scientific reports.

Scientific reports: Artificial intelligence helps you write state of the art reports.

On the Opscida monitoring platform, you can generate reports of several scientific articles in a few clicks.

Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies, you no longer need to search and detect the most relevant parts of scientific articles, Opscidia does it for you!

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Opscidia’s technologies aim at facilitating the work of scientific monitoring thanks to artificial intelligence.

AI-assisted bibliographic research.

Search for relevant sources, find news feeds, write watch summaries, share targeted information.

With Opscidia, you can reduce the time you spend on these tasks by being assisted by artificial intelligence.

Dashboards to monitor and share your watch.

Thanks to different visualizations, you can create several dashboards containing your bibliographic searches, your lists of articles and your scientific reports.

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Opscidia allows teamwork around technology watch.

Scientific monitoring is an essential step in innovation projects.

Opscidia allows you to centralize all the steps of your monitoring on a single tool is the solution for an organized monitoring and an effective sharing of information.

Discover how scientific reports are generated on the Opscidia platform!

Additional tools to help you write scientific reports or state of the art reports.


Detecting technology trends

You can feed your science watch by generating graphs that analyse technology trends.

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Search Engine

Search for scientific information.

To build a useful bibliography, the Opscidia search engine suggests the most relevant articles.

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Collaborate on monitoring projects.

The Opscidia platform allows you to work in teams on scientific monitoring projects

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