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Quickly generate scientific summaries in a few clicks!

Generate scientific synthesis in a few clicks with our AI-powered platform.


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Save time on all the time-consuming steps of the monitoring and scientific synthesis writing process. Increase the productivity of your employees by integrating artificial intelligence into your monitoring process !

Generative ia synthesizes your scientific articles

technological intelligence tools for R&D

A database of over 120 million scientific articles.

Examine the content of scientific articles quickly.

Write a summary of multiple scientific articles in 1 click!

Our report assistant leverages scientific literature and generative AI to create a report from multiple scientific articles in a few clicks.

Summarize an infinite number of scientific articles.

Save time.

Integrate AI into your R&D process.

Accuracy and Consistency

Discover how scientific synthesis are generated on the Opscidia platform!

Additional tools to help you write scientific synthesis.


Detecting technology trends

You can feed your science watch by generating graphs that analyse technology trends.

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Search Engine

Search for scientific information.

To build a useful bibliography, the Opscidia search engine suggests the most relevant articles.

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Collaborate on monitoring projects.

The Opscidia platform allows you to work in teams on scientific monitoring projects

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