R&D Engineer: A technology watch tool adapted to the needs of Engineers.

A scientific and technological monitoring tool to help R&D engineers work in teams on various R&D and innovation projects.

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Excellent experience with Opscidia: the platform helps us to fully exploit the scientific literature databases and collaborate with colleagues ! 

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A specific watch, adapted to the uses of R&D engineers !

Each R&D engineer has his own uses and tools.

Opscidia allows you to gather all your monitoring tools in a scientific hub.

The Opscidia platform brings together several functionalities to enrich and share your scientific monitoring.

A monitoring solution adapted to your R&D engineers’ needs.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

Access an intelligent science hub.

Analyse and perceive the positioning of technologies.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

Share information and collaborate within your organisation.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

Generate intelligence reports with artificial intelligence.

Map the technological environment of a term.

Scientific reports: Artificial intelligence helps you write state of the art reports.

On the Opscida monitoring platform, you can generate reports of several scientific articles in a few clicks. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies, you no longer need to search and detect the most relevant parts of scientific articles, Opscidia does it for you! 

Opscidia’s technologies aim at facilitating the work of scientific monitoring thanks to artificial intelligence.

Opscidia enables teamwork around technology watch.

Scientific monitoring is an essential step in innovation projects. 

Opscidia allows you to centralize all the steps of your monitoring on a single tool is the solution for an organized monitoring and an effective sharing of information.

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Opscidia facilitates the analysis of technological trends.

The detection of technological trends allows you to quickly compare the maturity of several technologies between them to guide you in your innovation strategies.

Scientific intelligence knows no limits thanks to artificial intelligence.

Going beyond the conventional research framework allows you to find new solutions to your monitoring problems. 

Thanks to automatic language processing of scientific articles, you can discover new relationships between the terms searched.

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User testimonials of the Opscidia SAAS platform.

Why do the watch industry specialists recommend Opscidia ?

“Opsicidia is in full development.

Indeed, more and more players in the field of technology watch are using our tool and see a real added value in it.”

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technological intelligence tools for R&D

To save time on the most tedious tasks.

Artificial intelligence is a solution for optimising working time for all sectors of activity, and R&D is now one of them.

technological intelligence tools for R&D

To have access to relevant and quality information.

Artificial intelligence works on over 120 million scientific articles.

How can Opscidia optimise technology watch for R&D engineers ?

A monitoring tool to optimise the work of R&D engineers

If you work in R&D, you know how important it is to keep up with the latest innovations and trends. However, this can be a tedious and time-consuming task. This is why a monitoring tool is essential to optimize your work and stay on top of your field.


A monitoring tool is software that allows you to track information relevant to your sector in real time. This can be new technologies, patents, research reports, market data or any other type of useful information. With our tool, you can significantly reduce the time you spend searching for information and focus on analysis and decision-making.


In particular, innovation intelligence is crucial for R&D engineers. It allows you to discover new ideas, follow the evolution of their field, understand emerging trends and identify opportunities to innovate.


In short, a business intelligence tool is an essential investment for R&D engineers looking to optimize their work and stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations in their sector. Innovation intelligence in particular is crucial to the success of any company seeking to innovate and remain competitive. With the right monitoring tool, you can quickly access relevant information and focus on analysis and decision making to improve your business.