Internet and web-based technologies are constantly changing the publishing industry. Since the 1980s many solutions have been experimented, and some have met some success. Still, none of the current models allows for a fully open dissemination of the results of academic research.

We would like to introduce Opscidia, our humble yet original proposition to reach this common objective.

Opscidia is a novel and innovative platform that hosts academic journals in any applied sciences or medical sciences.

We believe in universal access to knowledge!

Our publishing platform is totally free and fully developed in Open Source.

All the articles that we publish are Open Access, published under CC-BY licence and we do not require any article-processing charges from authors.

We believe that a modern, wide range of services is the key to impactful publishing!

We offer a user-friendly publication workflow as well as technical and editorial support. We are always looking to integrate the latest innovative initiatives in scholarly publishing, whether to increase research impact or to value the contribution of peer-reviewers.

And we believe in the value of knowledge!

Our business model consists in developing technological intelligence tools for industry based on the text-mining of academic research articles.s.

We value academic expertise!

We only publish peer-reviewed research articles selected by academic-led editorial boards. We will never exert any pressure for publishing or for rejecting any article.

The editorial board keeps ownership of the title and the brand of their journal and they are free to leave whenever they want, should they wish to do so.

We believe in diversity and innovation in scholarly publishing!!

To adapt to the needs of our diverse communities, our platform is designed to allow for diverse forms of publications and peer-reviews. We are willing to support the publication of any material that can be embedded in a scientific article, such as code, datasets, or dynamic figures. We are interested in all experiments on innovative peer-review, such as public peer-review or double-blind peer-review… And we are always happy to adapt our workflow to any innovative academic publishing experiment.