Inclusion criteria for journals on Opscidia

Feel free to get in touch for any additional information. We are here to help you to achieve these standards.

Once these criteria have been met, the journal project is submitted to the the scientific Advisory board for decision of inclusion.

The Journal Project

  • Original editorial project: The project has a well defined editorial project, that fills a gap in the landscape of the available Open Access journals in the domain.
  • Peer-reviewed research: The journal to be launched is an academic journal publishing peer-reviewed original research. The selection of the articles, of the peer-reviewers, organisation of the peer review process will be performed with the diligence deemed as normal in the profession
  • Free and Open Access: The journal will be published in Open Access and will not charge Article processing charge. The articles will be published under a licence CC-BY.
  • Values: The project is compatible with our values as expressed in Opscidia’s manifesto.

The editorial board

  • Chief editor.s: The project is led by one or two individual academics that play the role of editor in chief. They are the main contact points for Opscidia. This role can evolve in time (annual rotation, etc.)
  • Editorial board: The project has an editorial board of at least 4 members coming form at least 2 different labs / institutions. Diversity in the board is always a good thing.
  • Support from the community: The editorial board show the sufficient connexion and support from their community to be able to attract articles and peer-reviewers. 
  • Ambition and long-term commitment: The editorial board has the ambition to build a reference journal in its field or sub-field and to commit to the project over the long term.