Find, analyze and synthesize your scientific documents in the blink of an eye!

Write a summary of multiple scientific articles in 1 click!

Our report assistant leverages scientific literature and generative AI to create a report from multiple scientific articles in a few clicks.

Accuracy and Consistency

Summarize an infinite number of scientific articles.

Save time.

Integrate AI into your R&D process.

Search Engine Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our search engine, based on more than 180 million scientific documents from reference sources, is the cornerstone of your bibliographic research.

Over 180 million scientific documents

Boolean Searches

Patents, Scientific Articles, Reviews, RSS Feeds

Alerts on domains and areas of interest

Trends & Mappings Based on Scientific Publication Flows

Discover real-time scientific and technological trends and explore maps based on scientific publication flows with our Trends & Mappings feature.

Instant Trend Analysis

Optimization of Research Strategy

Customize Your Dashboards

Our scientific and technological expertise

Team Of Scientists

Team Of Scientists

Expert researchers with many years' experience in public scientific research and innovation in private companies to meet your requirements.

Innovative solution

Innovative solution

Opscidia pushes the boundaries of innovation with revolutionary AI technologies.

AI-powered platform

AI-powered platform

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