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The 6 Technological and Scientific Trends to Watch in 2024

At the dawn of the technological revolution, in a rapidly expanding digital era, a profound transformation is underway, promising to redefine our daily lives. Innovation is accelerating impressively, revealing new breakthroughs at an unprecedented pace.


Numerous technologies currently in development are on the verge of widespread adoption in the coming years. We are about to witness a proliferation of advanced technologies, digitization processes, and increasingly automated solutions.


This article explores the key emerging technologies set to have a significant impact in 2024 and beyond. Here are the 6 technological trends to watch:


1. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a technology to closely monitor in 2024. It is poised to revolutionize our approach to information processing.


Quantum computers, with the ability to perform complex calculations at incredible speeds, will open unprecedented horizons in areas such as research, cryptography, and molecular modeling.


Why this technology is so promising:

Power of Computing Revolution


Quantum computers have the potential to solve problems currently inaccessible to classical computers.

Optimization and Operations Research

Quantum computers will efficiently solve complex optimization problems.


Drug Discovery and Molecular Modeling

Quantum simulation will accelerate drug discovery by predicting molecular interactions.


Innovative startups in the quantum computing field to watch in 2024 include:

PASQAL developing quantum computers by structuring 2D and 3D networks of neutral atoms, providing operational quantum advantages.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals using quantum physics to bring unparalleled precision and accuracy to drug discovery.


Alice & Bob is embarking on the complete construction of a universal quantum computer, from the first block to the entire machine. 


2. Advanced Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving scientific field generating increasing interest as 2024 approaches.


This discipline, combining biology, genetics, computer science, and engineering, is on the brink of causing a revolutionary impact in various industrial sectors.


Areas where biotechnologies are likely to revolutionize our daily lives:

Personalized Gene Therapies


Designing tailor-made therapies based on the genetic profile of each individual.

Lab-Grown Organs


Customized organs grown in the laboratory from stem cells.

New Drugs and Therapies

Discovering new drugs by identifying specific molecular targets.

Innovative startups in advanced biotechnology to watch in 2024 include :

NotCo creating plant-based alternatives to animal-origin food products.

Forge developing gene therapies to create medicinal solutions.

Owkin identifying new treatments, reducing risks, and accelerating clinical trials through AI.

3. Clean and Renewable Energy

Clean and renewable energy emerges as a crucial technology to observe in 2024, as the transition to more sustainable energy sources remains a fundamental challenge in combating climate change.


Forms of clean energy, such as solar and wind energy, are essential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the reduction of global warming.


Key developments in 2024:

Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Renewable energies offer an alternative to fossil fuels.

Efficient and Durable Batteries

Advances in lithium-ion batteries and research on batteries using more abundant materials could revolutionize energy storage.

Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind farms are thriving, with immense potential due to more constant and powerful marine winds.



Innovative startups in clean and renewable energy to watch in 2024 include:

Kitepower a leading startup in airborne wind energy.

Windcity  patented a new-generation wind turbine maximizing energy production.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The advancement of artificial intelligence continues. As part of the digital transformation, AI will maintain its central role, influencing various sectors such as health, finance, and logistics through intelligent automation.


AI systems will contribute to improving decision-making, service personalization, and data management. Chatbots, virtual assistants, and recommendation algorithms will reach even higher levels of sophistication.


AI is revolutionizing the future of businesses, impacting various sectors today. Startups to watch in the AI field include:

Dataiku a Data Science startup making AI usage available to all professions

Opscidia developing a scientific literature analysis platform with AI.

OpenA Specializing in artificial reasoning.



5. Autonomous Vehicles

Emerging autonomous vehicles promise to fundamentally transform our daily mode of transportation. In 2024, their importance is heightened by several key factors.


Significant advancements in AI and sensor technology have greatly improved the reliability and safety of autonomous vehicles.


Key points in 2024:

Inclusive Mobility

Autonomous vehicles can improve access to mobility for the elderly, disabled, and those who cannot drive.

Paradigm Shift

Autonomous vehicles challenge our traditional concept of car ownership.

Innovative startups in the autonomous vehicle sector to watch in 2024 include:

Heex Technologies specializing in data collection and analysis for autonomous vehicles.

Caps developed a prototype of an individual flying capsule equipped with six rotors.


6. Exploration Spatiale

Space exploration is set to experience a decade of unprecedented intensity, marked by remarkable technological advances and ambitious missions that promise to redefine our understanding of the universe.


In 2024, several converging factors reinforce the importance of closely following this fascinating scientific and technological adventure.


Key aspects in 2024:

Mars Exploration

Space agencies such as NASA and SpaceX plan manned missions to Mars.

Space Tourism

Private companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are developing spacecraft for tourists.

Emerging Technologies

Space exploration stimulates innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, ion propulsion, and advanced materials.


Blast, the French startup acceleration program in the aerospace, space, and defense sectors, has selected 19 projects with high technological content. Here are some promising projects:


Miratlas : developed instruments providing real-time information on atmospheric disturbances affecting satellite optical communications

Venture Orbital Systems: This Reims-based startup is developing two small rockets, Boreal and Zephyr, for the nanosatellite market by 2024.