New version of the Opscidia scientific watch platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of our scientific monitoring platform from Monday 16 January 2023.

1. An even more collaborative and interactive intelligence

2. New ImpactSearch functionality

3. Integration of arXiv preprints

Even more collaborative and interactive monitoring

The Opscidia platform offers you the possibility to create your own scientific and technological monitoring projects and to share them with your teams. In these projects, you can add many elements to make them even more complete and relevant:

  • Record your research.
  • Add the scientific articles of your choice.
  • Add documents of your choice (type: documents external to the Opscidia database)
  • Add analysis graphs generated on the platform
  • Add scientific reports generated directly on the platform

These elements will help you to better understand and analyse your research and findings.

To improve collaboration and facilitate interaction around your technology watch projects, you can now like and comment on scientific articles and documents added to your projects. This allows you to create engagement around your research and better share information as a team.

Opscidia app, project part: article with the possibility to like, comment and share.

New ImpactSearch feature

Opscidia’s new ImpactSearch feature is designed to help you save time searching for relevant publications.

App Opscidia: New Impact Search feature.

How does it work? Algorithms sort search results based on both the number of citations and the relevance of the scientific article.

No more hours spent selecting and sorting scientific articles! ImpactSearch quickly identifies a list of scientific articles that are both relevant and well-cited in the literature. This guarantees that you will be able to target quality scientific information with just one click.


Don’t hesitate to try it now on the Opscidia platform!

Integration of arXiv preprints

The Opscidia app presents a database of over 135 million scientific articles updated daily. Good news, in addition to peer-reviewed scientific publications, you now have access to preprints, thanks to the integration of the arXiv database.

Preprints allow the dissemination of scientific discoveries at an early stage. In most cases, the work published as a pre-publication is also submitted to a scientific journal for peer review.

Thus, on Opscidia, you currently have two major sources of data: publications in scientific journals (less rapidly available, but providing peer review validation) and preprints (rapidly available, but not yet validated by peer review). These two sources are complementary, ensuring that you are always aware of the latest developments in your field of research.

We look forward to accompanying you in your scientific monitoring!

App Opscidia: Search engine

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