Our solutions


On demand missions for all technological questions 


State of the artState of the art


Open InnovationOpen Innovation

AI-based tools

Automatic tools to follow tendencies

Weak signal detection

Weak signal detection

Personalized dashboardsPersonalized dashboards

Automated fluxAutomated flux

Data enrichment

Enriching your databases with research results

Named entity recognitionNamed entity recognition

Research databases consultationResearch databases consultation

Data transformationData transformation

Our technology

  • Harvesting large scientific corpus
  • Combining symbolic AI and Machine-learning
  •  Retrieving information to fuel applications

Available means

  • The latest NLP-algorithms
  • Powerful Datavisualization tools
  • Experience in translating research to industry´╗┐

Sample Work

A simple case study : 2014 Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa. Discover how Open access could have saved lives!