Cutting-edge technological intelligence solutions

Opscidia builds on Open Access scientific litterature and on the latest Natural Language processing algorithm to bring you the best technological insights.

Technological intelligence

Our new platform for technological intelligence

Find scientific documents 2x faster. Draft state-of-the-art on any scientific topic within a few hours

technological intelligence tools for R&D

We offer you the best technological
intelligence tools for R&D

text-mining and natural language processing

Based on text-mining and
natural language processing

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Weak signals detector

The weak signals detector predicts the most promising research areas from scientific publications.

“Science checker”

An open access scientific literature platform to fight fake news and verify whether a statement is aligned with the scientific consensus.

Biology explorer

a vizualisation tool that allows the detection of microorganisms living in the same spaces or with similar properties

Ontology generator

An adaptation of our core-technology that helps detect and visualize the most important concepts from their corpus.


Thanks to our expertise in R&D and NLP and our knowledge of scientific articles, Opscidia has a solution for every scientific technological problem.

Opscidia’s scientific advisory board

Opscidia’s scientific advisory board

We are lucky to be supported by a diverse group of researchers from a broad range of disciplines, working in diverse European countries, at diverse career stages…

They will help us understand the needs of diverse types of scientists and to give us advice on new journals creation


We have built a diverse and multicultural team, with strong skills in data science, Natural Language processing, and a strong domain expertise in research, technology and deeptech.

Join our team

We welcome applications of developers, data scientists and business developers equally. You can consult our list of Open positions or send us an open application

Partners, labels and distinction

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The software developed by Opscidia is a breakthrough in the sense that for the first time we are able to look at the real weak signals that may be the winners in the near future.

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“We believe that research papers should not be seen as a cost but rather as an opportunity to create value.”